Barcelona, Spain – Part 2

Once we were joined by Jon’s parents, our entourage was complete and we were ready to tackle Barcelona’s most famous and grand sights. We were also lucky to have our parents with us to experience the vibrant neighborhoods and delicious food of Barcelona.

Vienna, Austria

I’ve been to Vienna once before in 2004. I remember it as charming, with beautiful architecture, wide streets, and outdoor cafes. In the past 11 years, the tourist areas seem to have become more crowded and designer stores now line the streets instead of cafes, but the architecture remains.

Osaka, Japan (大阪)

Osaka was our last stop in Japan, and although we were exhausted, we managed to have one very full day visiting the castle, floating garden, and Dotonbori Street.

Tokyo, Japan (東京)

We continued our adventure through Japan by getting some hotel rooms in the middle of Tokyo, ideally positioned for checking out all that this humungous city has to offer.

Bangkok, Thailand (2015)

Bangkok is one of the largest business centers in Southeast Asia. The city is a huge, bustling metropolis filled with luxury malls and skyscrapers. However, Bangkok retains its character with food carts, street markets, and red roofed temples scattered throughout the city. We’ve been lucky enough to know several people living in Bangkok and have…