Berlin, Germany

Part 2 of Marisa’s Winter Escape from the Sunshine State! Day 8 – January 2 – Guten Tag! Sad to leave my travel partner behind, I flew into Berlin and dropped my bags off at Sunflower Hostel. I always recommend doing a walking (or bus) tour early in any trip to a new city. The…

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin (or rather Ireland, I should say) is part 1 of a two-week, two-country winter adventure! Who leaves Florida in the darkest dead of winter??? I do! Day 1 – December 26 – St. Stephen’s Day I left Christmas Day in order to maximize my time abroad. Therefore, I arrived before sunrise on the 26th, which…

Barcelona, Spain – Part 2

Once we were joined by Jon’s parents, our entourage was complete and we were ready to tackle Barcelona’s most famous and grand sights. We were also lucky to have our parents with us to experience the vibrant neighborhoods and delicious food of Barcelona.

Barcelona, Spain – Part 1

Move over, thirty-somethings. The sixty-somethings have arrived (Alexis’ mom, MaryLou, guest blogger, and dad, Ed). Barcelona is a city best seen on foot, and Alexis and Jon (A&J), having been there 6 years ago, showed us why they fell in love with it.

Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca has a bit of everything you could want on a tropical island; historic port cities, sandy beaches with wild nightlife, and small villages tucked into mountains so lovely they are a world heritage site.

Seville, Spain

A visit to Seville is also a visit to Naboo and Dorne. Early Roman and Muslim roots have shaped the architecture of Seville creating what might be the most beautiful city on Earth. The maze like cobble stone streets hide plazas filled with orange trees and ornate buildings.