Lisbon, Portugal

We are excited to start a short new series featuring my sister’s trips to the Iberian peninsula. Her first destination, and one of the favorites, was Lisbon.

Barcelona, Spain – Part 2

Once we were joined by Jon’s parents, our entourage was complete and we were ready to tackle Barcelona’s most famous and grand sights. We were also lucky to have our parents with us to experience the vibrant neighborhoods and delicious food of Barcelona.

Barcelona, Spain – Part 1

Move over, thirty-somethings. The sixty-somethings have arrived (Alexis’ mom, MaryLou, guest blogger, and dad, Ed). Barcelona is a city best seen on foot, and Alexis and Jon (A&J), having been there 6 years ago, showed us why they fell in love with it.

Tokyo, Japan (東京)

We continued our adventure through Japan by getting some hotel rooms in the middle of Tokyo, ideally positioned for checking out all that this humungous city has to offer.

Yokosuka, Japan (横須賀市)

Yokosuka is best known throughout Japan for having a large American Naval Base. For us, Yokosuka was a place to visit our friends for a wonderful introduction to Japan, where we would be spending the next three weeks.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne was the first metropolis we’d visited in a while and it appeared to have a cool urban vibe to it. Street art and food are king in Melbourne and both can be found down the alleys and laneways which Melbourne is known for.

Yangon, Myanmar

Limits to visitors into the country until recently have kept Yangon more traditional than its counterparts in other Southeast Asian countries. The city is large and crowded, but locals dress in traditional longyis and thanaka.  Street food is plentiful and small tearooms spills out onto the street while there is a refreshing lack of chain…

Railay, Thailand

Railay Beach is a peninsula surrounded by clear blue water and sheer rocky cliffs. Its no wonder that the rock climbing in this area has made Railay a backpacker destination. Day 1 – Tuesday, February 10, 2015 Railay Beach is located on a peninsula in the Krabi provenience of mainland Thailand. The rocky mountains which…

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket used to be the go to island off of the coast of Thailand. In recent years, some parts gained a reputation for being crowded and sleazy. Still, Phuket is one of the largest islands and a great transportation hub for the rest of the Andaman Sea, so we spent two nights on the island.…