Geelong, Australia

Geelong was a special stop on our trip for us. It was one of the rare times when we really got to see a city through a local’s eyes and experience a place beyond the way a tourist does.

Southern Scenic Route, New Zealand

To recover from our hike, we took a few days to drive leisurely down the coast of the the South Island of New Zealand. The well established Southern Scenic Route had lots of options for activities along the way ranging from hikes and wildlife preserves to historic lighthouses and fishing villages.

Our Favorites – US Roadtrip

Our 4 month road trip across the contiguous United States was very much driven by a desire to experience national parks. We have previously written about our favorite parks and our favorite hikes within those parks. However, we were also lucky enough to experience a multitude of American culture ranging from large metropolitans to small…

A few money savers

Although we saved money prior to starting our travels around the world, we are always keenly aware that the more money we save on the road, the longer we can extend our trip for. We knew we would be undergoing a journey without 5 star hotels and meals at Michelin star rated restaurants. At the…

Some final thoughts on Part 1

Total Days: 128 (August 3 – December 8, 2014) Total Miles: 17,383 National Parks: 24 States Driven Through: 32 Friends and Family Visited: 46 When we started this trip I was excited, and rightful so. I pictured myself becoming one with nature. Waking up each morning with the sun, well rested, and doing yoga or…