Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca has a bit of everything you could want on a tropical island; historic port cities, sandy beaches with wild nightlife, and small villages tucked into mountains so lovely they are a world heritage site.

Seville, Spain

A visit to Seville is also a visit to Naboo and Dorne. Early Roman and Muslim roots have shaped the architecture of Seville creating what might be the most beautiful city on Earth. The maze like cobble stone streets hide plazas filled with orange trees and ornate buildings.

Madrid, Spain

Spain is one of our favorite destinations. Madrid embodies all that we enjoy about this country: the food, the architecture, and the vibrant city life.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin has a tremendous history and one of the coolest cultures in Europe. Berlin may just have been the most educational and eye-opening stop on our trip.

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Part 2

Jon and I were lucky enough to have a few extra days in Amsterdam after visiting the many tour attractions with my sister. Having this extra time allowed us to visit the nearby city The Hague and treat ourselves to a fancy seafood dinner.