Pittsburgh, PA

We arrived in Pittsburgh at my family’s house mid-afternoon. If there is one thing Pittsburgh has, its an abundance of great Italian restaurants offering the largest portions of food you’ll find anywhere. For dinner we went to one of these restaurants, Pasta Too.

On Mondays the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundations offers free self-guided tours of the Old Allegheny County Jail so we decided to give it a try because the jailhouse and adjoining courthouse are beautiful pieces of Pittsburgh architecture. However, we found the tour to be limited to small area of the lobby dedicated to jail life and the cells used in the original jailhouse. While it was a big disappointment not to see the architecture, the gentleman answering questions liked to talk and so our self guided tour became more of a guided tour.

On our way out of Pittsburgh, we stopped in Cannonsburg, PA for Sarris Chocolate. I think that most cities have one chocolate factory that is revered above the others; for Pittsburgh this would be Sarris. The factory is really more of a big store (no factory tours here) but the store does feature a chocolate castle and an ice cream shop.

Also Try

Pittsburgh from Mt. Washington (taken from Le Mont circa 2011)

Pittsburgh Jail House

View from Mt. Washington, circa 2013


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