Reader Poll!!


As we start this blog, I want to know what information interests you the most. I have posted two versions describing the same trip to Charlottesville. Please read them both and take a moment to complete the poll below. Feel free to put additional feedback in the comments section below telling us what you liked or didn’t like about each and what you’d like to hear more about.  Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Reader Poll!!

  1. The second journal style seem as if you revised the first story to present it in a positive upbeat way. I did like the listing of more places that you would recommend after the first entry.
    Your journal made me feel excited for you and also, encouraging for me to hike, maybe!


  2. I liked the second style because more travel places were inserted. Although, in the first it was interesting to read that when planning your wedding you realized that the local area has much to offer. For this blog, the places visited can be followed on a map.


  3. Tom on Ginger’s computer. I liked the first one because of some of the information and descriptions you
    gave such as “Flight of Beers”, the “hipster” with the praying mantis, Jon’s affinity for whiskey. I liked the second one as it contained more information. I like hearing your thoughts and descriptions as it gives the
    reader a feeling of being there.


  4. I selected the second style. I also agree with Tom in that I enjoy your descriptions and want to include your experience cooking the hotdogs and skipping the marshmallows! This is a wonderful blog Alexis and I look forward being with you every step of your adventures.


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