Guide to Hostels

Hostels are popular and cheap accommodations when traveling abroad. Hostels are usually dorm style rooms with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. Their greatest advantage is often their low price, but access to a kitchen and the social atmosphere are desirable perks too.

Christmas Time Means New Gear

Over the holidays we have been taking a hiatus from our travels to spend time with family, visit friends, and enjoy the holidays. During our break we are also re-grouping and planning the next portion of our trip; backpacking through southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. The biggest difference for us is that backpacking will…


Vaccinations – Southeast Asia

Its important to be safe when traveling to remote areas and foreign counties with different environments. Sometimes playing it safe means having a map, phone, first aid kit, or telling someone your destination. Other times playing it safe can mean protecting yourself from diseases and other health concerns. Recently I spoke with my doctor about…